Trivia Crack review

You only have 30 seconds to answer the question. For this reason use the search below. It is so fast, as you type a list of question will be displayed. Just click on your question to get the answer.

A list of questions will appear. Click on your question to find the answer.


Or you can use the pages dedicated to each category:

As humans, we always want to know everything and improve our knowledge. Trivia Crack is a mobile game that allows us to put our knowledge to the test as we engage other people from all over the world in a battle of knowledge.

Right after installing Trivia Crack on your device, you will be able to start a new game with a random player. The interesting thing about the game is that you can play multiple games simultaneously, something that does make sense if you consider that the game is played in turns.

The gameplay is very simple, you just have to spin the reel in order to find the category you need to answer for, and then you will receive the question. There are 6 categories to choose from, and all of them have thousands of questions, so no two game sessions will ever be the same.

If you don’t respond on time or you give too many wrong answers, you will lose lives. These will refill automatically over time or you can rely on in-app purchases to get a full recharge, depending on your needs.

We found the questions in Trivia Crack to be very interesting and they are always providing you with new challenges. No matter if you opt for history, geography, sports or art related questions for example, you are always in for a treat, as these are very interesting. Each question comes with 4 possible answers, but only one of them is valid. You have 30 seconds to answer each questions and you can use some in-app purchases in order to get the coins which enable you to access functions like extra time, skipping or repeating a question. Of course, these coins can also be received via normal gameplay, but you can’t get that many this way unfortunately.

Sometimes during your gameplay sessions, you can choose to play for getting a new character or you can challenge your opponent. You’ll need to collect all 6 characters in order to win and, depending on your skills, you will be able to do that quite fast! However, your opponent will try to do the same thing, and this is why you need to pay extra attention when you answer questions.

The best thing about Trivia Crack is definitely the fact that you don’t have a time limit to answer after your opponent placed his answer, so you basically play whenever you are in the mood. Usually, a single Trivia Crack game can take place during 2-3 days, and that’s great! You will receive notifications from the game when you get your own turn in a match, and you just need to tap the notification to get into the game. We also liked the fact that you have the option to drop a game if a player is non-responsive, which is really neat!

Trivia Crack comes with a colorful set of graphics that make the game very appealing. On top of that, the characters in the game are funny and carefully designed, and Trivia Crack just looks stunning from a visual standpoint.

In summary, Trivia Crack is a highly addictive trivia game that does a lot of things right. The gameplay mechanics might be a little confusing at first, especially the turn based system that the game uses, but if you do get accustomed to it, you will receive a polished, fun, and highly appealing trivia game. If you like trivia games or you fancy a challenge, then Trivia Crack is definitely a great choice!

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